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Cowboy Data Round-Up Index List 

Below is an index list of all dashboards and reports available on Cowboy Data Round-Up.

Public Reports

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Academic Ledger (now includes Diversity Ledger)First Destination Survey

Strategic Goals DashboardStudent Achievement Data

Student Credit Hour Trends-Fall

Student Credit Hour Trends-Full Year

Student Credit Hour Trends-Spring

Student Credit Hour Trends-Summer

Student Profile-Fall

Student Profile-Spring

Internal Reports

Login required

Academic Code Descriptions

Academic Program Changes

Academic Program Changes-First Year by Retention Group

Academic Program Review

Alumni Survey

Average Hours to Undergraduate Degree

Budget Model Dashboard

Campus Climate Survey-Employees

Campus Climate Survey-Students

Course Enrollment Summary

Course Roster +

Course Seat Summary

Enrollment Report-Fall

Enrollment Report-Spring

Enrollment Report-Summer

Events and Engagement

Ferguson College of Agriculture Student ProfileFirst Destination Analytics

Grade Distribution

Graduate Applications

Graduate Assistant Stipend Comparison

Graduate Degrees Report

Graduate Duplicated Headcount

Major Analytics


Military and Veteran Statistics

Orientation Registration

Parent/Guardian Satisfaction Survey

Persistence Report

Retention and Graduation Rate Trends

Retention and Graduation Rates (Detail)

Retention and Graduation Rates-Fall to Spring

Student Engagement Survey

Student FTE Trends

Student Satisfaction Survey

Transfer Student Summary

Undergraduate Applications

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