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Institutional Research and Analytics

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On-Campus Housing Data

OSU facilitates students' academic and personal success through the gathering of relevant data. Individual offices and departments oversee initial data collection and storage, following applicable laws and policies. This information is not exhaustive but is meant to illustrate what is typical on campus. This section may be updated as needed without notification. If there is a term that you do not know, check our Data Dictionary.

  What Purpose Does the Data Serve
  • Facilitate room assignments, building and room access, delivery of mail and packages, and billing
  • Promote safety for students and campus community
  • Encourage engagement and community among residents
  • Provide services and support for residents
  • Long-term decision-making and planning for services                                                  
  What Data Do We Collect
  • Room and roommate preferences 
  • Demographic Information
  • Building access verification
  • Event attendance and engagement activities                                                            
  How We Collect Data

Student Inititated

  • Housing application, admissions application, Housing forms                    

Staff Initiated

  • Submit engagement reports and Housing reports, issue temporary access cards

System Initiated

  • Building access card swipes 
  Where We Share Data

Sharing housing data is extremely limited to the data required to fulfill position or operational needs and to support student success.

  • IRA Dashboards: anonymized, aggregated event participation data is shared on the Events and Engagement dashboard and contribute to the student engagement score (see Engagement Data)
  • Campus Partners: Facilities Management, University Mailing Services, Parking and Transportation Services, Public Safety, Student Support and Conduct, Living Learning Program administrators (academic departments), and Slate CRM
  • Banner: mailing addresses
  • Anonymized, aggregated information is shared with university administrators for planning purposes
  • Vendors who provide services including micro-fridge rentals, care packages, and custodial services
  • US Census
  • OSU privately and securely shares individual student data with select vendors in order to provide additional support for students through advanced analytics.
  When We Retire Your Data
  • Follow state retention guidelines and federal regulations to retain data
  • Vendor retention guidelines vary, but may be limited by their contracts with OSU
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