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Institutional Research and Analytics

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Career & Employment Data

OSU facilitates students' academic and personal success through the gathering of relevant data. Individual offices and departments oversee initial data collection and storage, following applicable laws and policies. This information is not exhaustive but is meant to illustrate what is typical on campus. This section may be updated as needed without notification. If there is a term that you do not know, check our Data Dictionary.

  What Purpose Does the Data Serve

Career Services

  • Facilitate student employment and internship opportunities 
  • Manage event and appointment attendance and prepare for future events 
  • Provide access to training and assessment resources 
  • Contribute to the body of research to inform national best practices 

Human Resources

  • Provide timely and accurate wage payments through Payroll Services and manage correct benefit and tax deductions 
  • Facilitate communication to OSU employees regarding benefits, policies, and other pertinent information
  • Submit employment data to federal and state agencies as required by law
  • Conduct university business and provide functional support
  • Inform campus decision-makers on workforce initiatives among employees, such as equity and pay comparisons (Office of Equal Opportunity Services
  What Data Do We Collect

Career Services

Career Services only collects information on current students and alumni of Oklahoma State University. 

  • Hire System (12twenty) engagement
  • Event and appointment attendance
  • Assessment participation and results
  • Survey data results, such as the First Destination Survey and the Internship Survey 

Human Resources

Human Resources only collects information on applicants to and employees of the Oklahoma State University System. 

  How We Collect Data

Student Inititated

  • Log in to the Hire System (12twenty) at
  • Apply for a position
  • Attend event or training
  • Complete a survey 

Staff Initiated

  • Register for and complete training or apply for OSU jobs through Cornerstone at
  • Entry of new hire packet information into Banner

Non-OSU Employer Initiated

  • Interview and hire confirmation
  Where We Share Data

Career Services

  • With student consent, individual information is shared with employers, campus partners, and assessment vendors

Human Resources

  • Federal and State Government, for tax and legally required purposes
  • Third-party vendors, such as benefit providers 
  • Shared as-needed to conduct university business and provide functional support


  • Anonymized, aggregated data is shared through the IRA Dashboards 
  • OSU privately and securely shares individual student data with select vendors in order to provide additional support for students through advanced analytics.
  When We Retire Your Data
  • Follow state retention guidelines and federal regulations to retain data 
  • Vendor retention guidelines vary, but may be limited by their contracts with OSU
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