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Institutional Research and Analytics

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Student Financial Data

OSU facilitates students' academic and personal success through the gathering of relevant data. Individual offices and departments oversee initial data collection and storage, following applicable laws and policies. This information is not exhaustive but is meant to illustrate what is typical on campus. This section may be updated as needed without notification. If there is a term that you do not know, check our Data Dictionary.

  What Purpose Does the Data Serve

Student Success

  • Develop student support strategies based on financial indicators

Scholarships & Financial Aid

  • Process and award student financial aid
  • Counsel students on available aid and application process 

Bursar's Office

  • Add and remove enrollment holds
  • Facilitate billing for student accounts
  • Deliver credit balance refunds 
  • Provide 1098-T tax forms
  What Data Do We Collect
  • FAFSA information and supporting documents
  • Oklahoma’s Promise and other state aid
  • Transaction Details such as scholarships, waivers, and other aid received; campus charges, such as tuition, fees, bookstore, dining, etc.; payment and refund information 
  How We Collect Data

Student Inititated

Staff Initiated

  • Awards granted
  • Block rate exception entry
  • Enable third-party payer contracts
  • Individual departmental charges 

System Generated

  Where We Share Data

Sharing financial data is severely limited by state and federal regulations to the data required to fulfill position responsibilities and promote student success.

  • Federal and State Governments
  • Loan Processors and Providers
  • OSU Foundation and Contractual Third-Party Payers
  • OSU Colleges and Departments  
  • Collection Agencies
  • National Student Clearinghouse & NSLDS
  • IRA Dashboards provide aggregate information such as need rank, Pell status, and Oklahoma’s Promise status 
  • OSU privately and securely shares individual student data with select vendors in order to provide additional support for students through advanced analytics.
  When We Retire Your Data
  • Follow state retention guidelines and federal regulations to retain data
  • Vendor retention guidelines vary, but may be limited by their contracts with OSU
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