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Contact Information

219 Public Information Office (PIO)
Stillwater, OK  74078
Phone: (405)-744-4244
Fax: (405)-744-4834
For questions about how to read a report or dashboard, would like to set up an individual or team training, or want to partner with IRA to measure the efficacy of a program or intervention, please email us at  
To request a new report or changes to an existing report, please use the Information Request Form. 
For questions regarding how your data is being used, about your data privacy, or general data literacy, please email us at


Christie Hawkins, Ph.D.

Associate Vice-President of Administration & Finance and Director, IRA
219 PIO Building
(405) 744-4244

Larry Burns

Chief Data Officer
219 PIO Building
(405) 744-6864

Randy Kitchens

Assistant Director
213A PIO Building
(405) 744-8286


Fregenet Andya

Data Analyst
215 PIO Building
(405) 744-7828

Kwideok Han, Ph.D.

Data Analyst
203 PIO Building
(405) 744-4244

Jim Hellwege

Programming Analyst
219 PIO Building
(405) 744-4244

Kimberly  Meints

Student Success Data Coordinator
219 PIO Building
(405) 744-7181

Christine Miller

Programming Analyst
216 PIO Building
(405) 744-5928

Marlene Montgomery

Programming Analyst and Project Manager
220 PIO Building
(405) 744-4244

Ranjit Pandey

Data Analyst
213 PIO Building
(405) 744-3387

Kristin Sherin

Executive Administrative Assistant
219 PIO Building
(405) 744-7833

Diane Tipling

Programming Analyst
204 PIO Building
(405) 744-5974

Madeleine Williams

Data Analyst
201 PIO Building
(405) 744-6698

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