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Institutional Research and Analytics

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These dashboards require an OSU login. If attempting to access from an off-campus locations, please login to the the OSU VPN first.

Admissions and Orientation Dashboards

Undergraduate and Graduate Applications provide the number applied, admitted and enrolled students. Orientation Registration details the statistics and trends for undergraduate new student orientation registration. Melt provides a breakdown of students who applied but did not enroll and students who applied, enrolled and withdrew before census.

Semester Enrollment Dashboards

Trends and Totals
The semester enrollment dashboards provide a weekly summary during the enrollment period of enrolled students at the OSU-Stillwater, OSU-Tulsa, and OSU-Center for Health Sciences campuses.

Retention, Persistence and Graduation Rate Dashboards

These dashboards provide an overview of first-time, full-time retention and graduation statistics for freshman and transfer cohorts. 

Course Information Dashboards

The Course Enrollment Summary and Course Roster + provide information regarding course demographics. Course Roster + is open only to faculty listed as an instructor for the course in Banner. The Course Seat Summary provides statistics regarding course maximum enrollment, actual enrollment and available seats. 

Academic, Degree, and Post-Degree Dashboards

Academic Program Changes

This dashboard provides the number of students moving in and out of an academic program for a selected term. 

Academic Program Review

This dashboard provides a five and ten year degrees granted average for bachelors, masters, doctoral, and certificate programs.     

Average Hours to Undergraduate Degree

This dashboard provides the average hours taken to earn an undergraduate degree at OSU and includes undergraduate degree recipients who have earned only one degree at OSU.

Events and Engagement

This dashboard provides an overview of student event attendance by week.

Ferguson College of Agriculture Student Profile

This dashboard provides student profile information for the Ferguson College of Agriculture, including the Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering department.

First Destination Analytics

This dashboard provides information on post-degree employment and continuing education, including salary data.

Grade Distribution

This dashboard provides a course grade distribution and D/F/W rates.

Graduate Degrees Report

This dashboard provides a detailed report of graduate degrees earned beginning with the 1999-2000 academic year. 

Graduate Duplicated Headcount

This dashboard provides a detailed duplicated headcount comparison of graduate students. Primary and non-primary programs are included.

Major Analytics

This dashboard provides a breakdown of enrollment and graduate counts of majors, concentrations, and minors. Primary and non-primary programs are included.

Military and Veteran Statistics

This dashboard provides an overview of military and veteran students.     

Student FTE Trends

This dashboard provides an overview of semester and year student FTE trends, filterable by Regents codes, college/department/major, level and location.

Transfer Student Summary

This dashboard provides enrollment, retention and graduation rates, persistence, engagement, and average hours to undergraduate degree for transfer students.

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