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Institutional Research and Analytics

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All dashboards are categorized into functional areas. Non-public dashboards require an OSU login. If attempting to access the non-public dashboards from an off-campus locations, please login to the the OSU VPN first.

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Data Dictionary

To learn more about CDR and ePrint report terminology, visit the Data Dictionary.

Dashboard Categories


Dashboards topics in this section include:

  • Admissions and orientation
  • Semester enrollment reports
  • Retention, persistence and graduation rates
  • Course information
  • Academic, degree and post-degree information
Student Dashboards

Faculty and Staff

Dashboards in this section include:

  • Course Roster +
  • Grade Distribution
  • Academic Code Descriptions

and many other reports specific to faculty and staff.

Faculty and Staff Dashboards


Dashboards in this section include:

  • Budget Model Dashboard
  • More coming soon!
Finance Dashboards

Graduate College

Dashboards in this section are specific to the Graduate College.

Graduate College Dashboards

University Assessment & Testing Surveys

Dashboards in this section include:

  • Satisfaction Surveys
  • Campus Climate Surveys
  • Engagement Surveys
UAT Survey Dashboards

A&M Institutions

Dashboards in this section are specific to institutions within the OSU/A&M System.

A&M Institutions Dashboards

Public Dashboards

Dashboards in this section are open to the general public and do not require an OSU login. Dashboards include:

  • Fall and Spring Student Profiles
  • Academic Ledger (now includes Diversity Ledger)
  • Student Credit Hour Reports
  • Strategic Goals Dashboard
Public Dashboards
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