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Othot Implementation

OSU has partnered with the data analytics vendor, Othot, since Fall 2019 to help recruit our growing freshman classes. In May 2022, OSU expanded our partnership to support continuing students on their paths to graduation.


The implementation timeline for the Othot retention module is below. We are focusing our initial efforts on generating predictive models for first year students (freshmen and transfers). This is the most intensive stage as IRA builds the foundations for our recurring data sharing processes. Once we have a tested and trusted model for first-year students, we will continue to develop models for students through six years at OSU.


Data privacy is one of our chief concerns and has been a frequent topic of conversation as our reports have been developed. Wherever possible, unnecessary data has been eliminated from reports, sensitive data has been simplified or obscured, and personally identifiable information has been withheld. Data is transferred using a secure portal, and Othot has several data protection strategies in place.

Implementation Timeline

December 20, 2021
Othot Contract Signed
May 1, 2022
OSU Hires Staff Member to Support Othot Project
May 16, 2022
Othot Retention Contract Begins
June - July 2022
Initial OSU Data Processes Built
First Training Data Files Submitted for First Year Students
August - December 2022
Othot Reviews Data Files
OSU Refines Processes
Othot Develops Retention Prediction Model for First Year Students
Fall 2022 Data Uploaded to Test Predictive Model
Spring 2023
OSU Staff Trained to Implement Othot Model
Slate Integration Developed
Pilot Partners Test OSU Strategies
Submit Training Data Files for Continuing Students and Start Development Process
Estimated Fall 2023
Full Implementation for First Year Students
Testing and Pilot for Continuing Students
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