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Institutional Research and Analytics

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Research Data

OSU facilitates students' academic and personal success through the gathering of relevant data. Individual offices and departments oversee initial data collection and storage, following applicable laws and policies. This information is not exhaustive but is meant to illustrate what is typical on campus. This section may be updated as needed without notification. If there is a term that you do not know, check our Data Dictionary.

  What Purpose Does the Data Serve
  • Inform research conducted about OSU faculty, staff and students
  • Identify potential candidates for research studies 
  What Data Do We Collect

The collection and sharing of Personally Identifiable Information (PII) for research purposes is regulated by federal law and overseen by the Institutional Review Board at OSU.

  • IRB-approved data through research studies, which requires that data is maintained ethically and that studies are subject to audit 
  • Graduate Research Assistant Position Employment Data
  How We Collect Data
  • IRB-approved data collection methods may include surveys, focus groups, experiments, data reports through IRA, etc. 
  • Consent documents, which include what data is collected and where it is shared, must be reviewed and signed before data is collected; participants may opt out at any time
  Where We Share Data
  • Anonymized data may be shared with academic journals or conferences and other researchers, including through open-source databases
  • Please contact if you have questions about how your data is used in human subject research. 
  When We Retire Your Data
  • Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is deleted as soon as it is no longer needed
  • Anonymized data may be maintained indefinitely in order to support longitudinal studies and validation 
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