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Block Rate Exception Applications

The following applications are for Spring 2023 only.


If you have previously started an application, please CLICK HERE TO LOGIN

If you are starting the application process today, please read the application descriptions below. Once you find the description that best fits your circumstances, please click the title of the specific description to begin an application.


Graduating Senior: This application is for seniors who are in their final semester or year and need fewer than 15 hours in a semester or 30 hours in a year to graduate.


Internship/Study Abroad/Reciprocal Exchange: This application is for students enrolled in an internship, study abroad or reciprocal exchange program with less than 15 hours.


Curricular Structure: This application is for students not able to take 15 hours in a semester due to the structure of their degree program. Examples include course sequencing limitations and semester schedules set by academic departments. If you are a graduating senior, please apply using the graduating senior application.


Medical Condition or Disability: This application is for students with a documented medical condition or disability that prohibits taking 15 or more hours in a semester.


Official University Sponsored Activity: This application is for students who commit 25 or more hours per week to an official University sponsored activity for a substantial portion of the semester/year.


Contractual Agreement: This application is for students who are bound by a contractual agreement which limits them to less than 15 hours per semester. Examples include scholarships, financial aid, and other academically related agreements.


Other/Extenuating Circumstances: This application is for students with a circumstance not listed above.

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